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            Our Mines


            Arch Coal has substantial production at mines served by each of the nation’s major railroads. In addition, many of Arch’s mines have cost-competitive access to the inland waterways system. Arch Coal also can export coal from the east, west and gulf coasts. Coal moving to the European marketplace also can be stored and transloaded cost-effectively through Dominion Terminal Associates (DTA) located in Newport News, Va.
            Key Facility for Overseas Export
            Dominion Terminal Associates
            Ownership: Arch Coal jointly owns and operates Dominion Terminal (DTA) along with three partners
            Location: Pier 11 on the east bank of the James River near Chesapeake Bay in Newport News, Virginia
            Rail Line: CSX
            Arch Coal Contact: Kent Smith (314)994-2887
            Web site: www.dominionterminal.com